2014: Past, Present, and Future

The Past

During this past year, I’ve learned completely new things and improved upon things I knew. Towards the end of 2013, I started to learn about C#, a programming language used to create web apps, desktop applications and Windows Store applications. Being the first programming language I learn, it took me a while to get used to programming concepts in general and then I got used to C#. Throughout 2014, I’ve been honing on my skills with this programming language and now I’m comfortable using it. The first project I created and published was ClipManage. Since then, I made many small projects solving simple tasks but I’ve yet to create another program that could serve a real-world use like ClipManage.

I also looked into Ruby and completed over 150 of the Ruby Koans but I put that on hold for no specific reason.

The Present

Currently, I am reading the book Hacking: The Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson. It teaches the C programming language and gives an introduction to exploitation, networking, and among other things, cryptology.

Besides reading the book, I am taking the Codecademy JavaScript course, so that I can design better websites and work on cross-platform projects. I’ve completed ~47% of it and once I finish it I can work on some ideas I have.

The Future


Once I finish the JavaScript course on Codecademy, I’ll take a refresher on HTML/CSS and work on creating an online portfolio of the projects I work on. I’ve already sketched some mock-ups of it and everyday I add to it until it reaches a point I’m comfortable with. I’ve already started working on a basic outline (HTML only) of the site itself. I hope to finish it Early 2015.

Besides that, I want to finish the book Hacking: The Art of Exploitation especially so that I learn C but also to get an idea of whether I want to do Malware Analysis or Penetration Testing.

Lastly on my to-do list is think of an open-source project I can start and work on to have something extra for my portfolio, something bigger than ClipManage but also that solves a real world problem. What exactly this project will be, I have no idea but I know I’ll think of something. Hopefully, I can get started with this project on January.

Everything else, I have no idea what 2015 brings along. I finish high-school and I’ve yet to decide what I will do after school. Depending on how the year goes I’ll decide because if I can develop a strong portfolio, then I won’t need a piece of paper to prove my knowledge (or at least that’s what I think of going to a University now).

This Blog

My plans for this blog are to write more often. I’ve probably said this before but one of the things I worked on this year was keeping true to my word. The main reason for my lack of writing has been my excellent procrastination skills, but if 2015 works out like I want it to, and I design my portfolio and start working on an open-source project, then I will definitely be posting here more often.

Writing this article, I’ve decided what problem I want to work on for 2015, procrastination. I set my mind for 2014 to work on keeping true to my word and how better to expand on it by keeping true to finishing the tasks I set upon myself.

My First Video Game

After I finished learning C# thanks to the incredible tutorials available at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, I struggled with what to do next. I thought about making apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and even started to make a couple but I didn’t find creating applications as interesting as I thought I would. The other thing I tried was making database applications and that never worked out.

Last Saturday I asked my friend for a book on C++ because I had heard all sorts of things about C++ being the go-to language for video game development. He asked me why I wanted a book on C++ and when I said for developing games, he told me he’d seen the work of a couple of Indie devs he follows on twitter and told me to check out Unity. I had heard about it but never got to reading about it.

I went to unity3d.com and I found it amazing when I saw that it was free and that it had all sorts of resources for getting started. I downloaded it and took a tutorial on the Editor itself and made the classic game Pong with the help of a tutorial. I then found the beginner projects Unity had on their website which included explanations and code examples and I said why not.

The project I’ve completed so far is the Roll-A-Ball project. I followed the tutorial and in less than a day I have complete my first game.

You can play the game here.

The game consists of a ball you can move around with your arrow keys (or w, a, s, d) and you have to move it around to collect the 14 cubes. Once you collect them you win the game.

This is just the beginning of my journey and I plan to write often about my progress. When I’m ready, I’ll start to create a game of my own and do a developer diary about my progress.

A fresh start!

This past month I had redesigned the website to a more serious look. I realized that I was going through more work than I had to. After reading about other personal websites and combing through guides, I found that all of them said to use WordPress as the platform for your website.

I was already using WordPress for my blog, but it was just too different from my website, and that’s not a good user experience. As you can see, the website is now based on WordPress, and it will stay like this.

I’m still working out some issues, but I will be using this website to write about my projects, those being the programs and applications that I make. I had to move the WordPress directory, but something went wrong and I had to reinstall WordPress from scratch; my old blog post was lost in the process.

If you notice any issues with the website, please let me know. The comments section below works, as well as Twitter.